Thursday, January 14, 2010

Animal Genitalia Gallery Why Do Male Mammals Have Ridiculously Oversized Genitalia?

Why do male mammals have ridiculously oversized genitalia? - animal genitalia gallery

I try not to be serious or what, but just something I noticed in the last few years working with different animals. Reptiles and birds do not have this strange quality, but is prevalent in all mammals, (including the rights of the people and the smallest is ridiculously large), and small animals like squirrels or cats. Is there a reason for this culture?

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  1. Not so. First, mammals have a breeding season. If people are willing to raise their genitals are bigger. Any kind develops its size depending on the genitals of women. If people do not reproduce the male anatomy can be difficult to see. This feature is also a sign of female reproductive status of males. And you can have a secondary meaning of behavior.

    The average duration of a human male penis is 6 inches. Therefore, it is about the same distance from the outside of the vagina, cervix. And something about the man's penis less ridiculously large. A man with a short penis can not be adequate fertilizer to a woman.

    I would say that your observation skills need a medical examination.